SGD Studio’s New 80cm Tifa Lockhart Mini Sex Doll Figurine

Sex dolls are replacing human women for so many men around the world. Indeed, many men have preferred sex dolls in recent years to avoid relationship drama and heartache. Sex dolls help alleviate that in their lives. The silicone materials used to make sex dolls are especially a realistic alternative to a woman's skin because they feel smooth to the touch. Having sex with a doll made of silicone may make you forget that you are having sex with a doll.

A naked sex doll possesses different characteristics ranging from skin color, height, size, and shape. If you like to see a naked woman all the time, a sex doll suits you best. Tifa Lockhart's sex doll is now available to create and fulfill your dreams. The nude doll gives you the quality you desire from a love doll. Read this article for more about Tifa Lockhart's sex doll SGD studio.

Who is SGD Studio Tifa Lockhart

If you are thinking about a cool sex toy, SGD Studio Tifa Lockhart should be one of your choices. Tifa figurine has been recently getting attention thanks to the free OnlyFans leaks. Tifa sex doll is a realistic sex doll made according to Tifa Lockhart, a character role-playing video game Final Fantasy. With the growing interest in sex toys and nude galleries, Tifa Lockharts is among the best silicone sex dolls. The SGD studio is made by a company known as Manyou. Supposedly, SGD studio is run by Fang, a sculptor, and Tifa Lockhart figure admirer. SGD Studio 2023 completed its first Tifa prototype using a ball-jointed alloy skeleton and medical-grade silicone.

Tifa Lockhart Description

Tifa Lockhart stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her sexy nude shows her with large breasts. Tifa Lockhart's birthday is May 3, 1987, at 20 years old. She is well-known for using knuckle weapons to fight, and her limited breaks utilize martial arts techniques.

There has been confusion regarding Tifa's height. While some vendors list her height as 70 cm, others list her as 73cm. In the recent listings, her height has been updated to 80cm. With a height of 80 cm, Tifa weighs 5kg.

Tifa Lockhart Sexual Function

Tifa sex doll has a sexual function. Initially, fans wanted a usable vagina, and the SGD studio added one with a depth of 14 cm. However, it is still unclear whether Version 1.0 still has it, but 2.9 will. The sexual function feature is optional. Therefore, fans can decide whether to have it or not. The doll looks the same, with or without the feature.

Tifa Lockhart’s Realistic Hands

On September 7, 2023, the SGD studio tested their "version 2.0 silicone Hand Model" with success. Their test results were that the new hand texture was clearer, more realistic, and with colors resembling a real hand.

Version 2.0 Cup Breasts

Most vendors have been using Version 1.0 to represent Version 2.0, which is misleading. SGD still doesn't have promo photos of the 80cm version. However, vendors have the option of a D-cup or E-cup version. The D-cup version has a resemblance to the FF7. Some videos showcase the E-cup version to appear to be version 2.0. However, It is unclear whether it represents the breast size or an option between the two versions.

Tifa Lockhart Free Onlyfans Leaks

It is very common to find OnlyFans content subscribers share on the internet. The reason for this is that the subscribers have privileged access to the website and can download content and share it whenever they want. OnlyFans is a premium website where content creators get paid to distribute their content. The growing fantasies to watch Tifa's content about nude galleries, nudes, and sex toys have led to fans sharing the real doll content from the leaked OnlyFans website. That was leaked from the premium website. You can, therefore, watch the best SGD Studio Tifa Lockhart's amateur and professional content for free by visiting porn sites thanks to the free OnlyFans leaked content.


Sex Doll Cost

Many people would love a silicone real doll companion, although they fear the cost. Some of the prices quoted by the vendors may cause them to freak out. It is good to know that sex dolls have varying prices. Some sex dolls are cheaper, while others are expensive. There are so many price ranges to accommodate the budgets of the consumers. All that is required is for the customers to accommodate the consumers' budgets. As a customer, all you need is to choose a price range that works best for you, making the best of what is available.

No reason exists to suffer from loneliness, social isolation, or mental health issues. Tifa Lockhart doll can offer you a sense of companionship and alleviate loneliness. The presence of Tifa Lockhart's real doll will give you the feeling of being seen and heard, fostering emotional well-being and a sense of connection.